CES 2023 Walkabout 3D – VR, Gaming & Tech Exhibit Hall (8K 3D180)

This was T3-TV’s first time attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I had planned to spend 3 days walking the exhibit halls and exploring all the technology. But unfortunately due to a family medical emergency that required me to return home asap, I only had about 2 1/2 hours to explore only the gaming and virtual reality tech area. This was my first time using my Canon R5C with dual 5.2mm lens to record the exhibits in 3D180. My goal was to give the viewers watching on a VR headset that “I’m actually there” experience.

Most of the footage was shot handheld and with a neck strap to tried to keep the camera as steady as possible. I definitely learned a few lessons from this walkabout, which helped me create a more stable, self-standing, adjustable monopod configuration for this camera setup that I used a few months later for NAB 2023.

Another unfortunate incident occurred a week after CES when my files on my SSD drive that contained most of all the raw footage was lost. The only files I retained were a few of the original panel sessions videos and a 4K draft version of this walkabout video. I recently decided to utilize my Topaz Lab’s Video Enhance AI software to upscale and sharpen this draft version in order to post here on YouTube VR. I think it came out pretty well.

Enjoy! I can’t wait for CES 2024!

Note: 8K 3D180 footage shot by RJ Murdock with T3-TV using his Canon R5C with Dual 5.2mm lens. It is best watched on a VR headset. If on a 2D computer monitor, drag the image around with your mouse.

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