Brooks Bridge Groundbreaking Ceremony – August 23, 2023

The Florida Department of Transportation held a groundbreaking ceremony on August 23, 2023 for the official start of construction of the new Brooks Bridge replacement project in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Speaking at this ceremony were:

Tim Smith
Tim Smith:
Director – Florida Department of Transportation, District 3

Jared Perdue
Jared Perdue:
Secretary – Florida Department of Transportation, District 3

Doug Broxson
Doug Broxson:
Florida State Senator, District 1

Post ceremony interviews with:

Mel Ponders
Okaloosa County Commissioner, District 5

Carolyn Ketchel
Okaloosa County Commissioner, District 2

Here are some facts about this project:

Project facts and statistics

  • Construction cost: $171 million
  • Start: Design began in July 2022
  • Est. Completion: Summer 2027 Preliminary construction activities began in fall of 2022.
  • Contract term: 1,856 days
  • Bridge length: The new bridge is 2,111 feet long, which is 793 feet longer than the current structure.
  • Bridge height: Horizontal clearance at the channel will increase from 140 to 150 feet.
  • Traffic count: 66,000 average annual daily traffic count

Project team

  • Project owner: Florida Department of Transportation (FOOT) District Three.
  • Design-build contractor: Superior Construction Co. is the design-build contractor.
  • Design services are provided by WSP.
  • CEI consultant: Eisman & Russo, Inc. is providing construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services on behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation (FOOT) District Three. They are assisted by Searight Group and Metric.

Project description

This project will construct a new, six-lane bridge across the Santa Rosa Sound to connect Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island. The design calls for two, parallel structures that will feature a total of six travel lanes (three eastbound and three westbound). Both bridge structures will provide three, 11-foot travel lanes flanked by 10-foot shoulders. In addition, both sides of the bridge will be equipped with a 12-foot multi-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Rationale for replacing the current bridge

The current Brooks Bridge was constructed in 1966 and no longer meets current design standards, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, or navigational clearance requirements for this portion of the Gulf lntracoastal Waterway. Additionally, U.S. 98 is the primary east-west connector serving this busy corridor. This project will increase bridge capacity from four to six travel lanes. The new bridge will also include wide shoulders that can be used as refuge lanes during accidents or mechanical malfunctions, and enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations separated from traffic by a concrete barrier.

Bridge history The John T. Brooks Bridge has been a landmark in the city of Fort Walton Beach for more than seven decades. The bridge is named in honor of John Thomas Brooks, who became the first settler in the area around 1868. In 1935, the bridge was a two-lane, low-level structure that featured a “swinging center span” that required a bridge tender to tum the span sideways so that tall watercraft could pass beneath. Over time, the two-lane swing bridge proved deficient to meet the growing transportation demands of the area. In 1966, today’s four-lane Brooks Bridge opened to traffic.

Regional economic impact The $171 million Brooks Bridge replacement project represents a tremendous investment by the State of Florida into the regional economy. The design-build contractor, Superior Construction, estimates they will directly employ more than 100 workers to construct the new bridge.

Traffic impacts U.S. 98 will continue to accommodate two eastbound and two westbound travel lanes throughout construction of the new Brooks Bridge. Required temporary lane closures on U.S. 98 will be limited to the nighttime hours of 9 p.m. and 5:30 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. Also, no lane closures or other traffic impacts will be allowed during holidays or special events.

Construction phases First, crews will construct the new westbound structure, during which time, four lanes (two eastbound and two westbound) will remain open on the current Brooks Bridge. Once the westbound structure is complete, all four-travel lanes will be temporarily shifted from the existing bridge to the new westbound structure. This will allow crews to demolish the existing bridge and build the new eastbound structure. The final phase will place the eastbound traffic onto the eastbound bridge. The final configuration will include three eastbound travel lanes and three westbound travel lane.

Project updates and information We share project updates, construction progress, and traffic advisory information on the @MyBrooksBridge Facebook page and Instagram page. You can also sign up to receive periodic email updates, including weekly traffic advisory information, at:

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